Strawberry picking

We grow using the water from the thaw of Mt. Tanigawa. Delicious strawberry

Strawberry picking fee table







​※ 当日のAM7時までは、オンラインのみで予約を承ります。当日のAM8時からは、電話にて当日のご予約を承ります。

※ 忙しい時は電話に出れない可能性があります。ご了承ください



※About cancellation fee

Can Please note that cancellation of the day will take 100% of cancellation fee.

※ Question about strawberry picking reservation on the day

It will be reserved on the reservation only site. Click the "Online Booking" button on the right.

Reservation is until the day before, 9:30 start and 10:30 start, we have received a total of about 20 people a day. We do not accept reservations for the day.


At around 5 pm the day before, the number of people accepted on the homepage (Insta and Facebook) has been increased the next day. I hope you can refer to and judge.

Because strawberries are plants, the number of strawberries that ripen depends on the weather of the day, and it may be acceptable in the afternoon.


In addition, this garden has a cafe, so even if you can't pick strawberries, you can always make "strawberry smoothie making experience" or "easy strawberry daifuku making experience" without reservation. At the cafe, there are many strawberry menus such as strawberry bouquet parfait and strawberry covered pancakes. I hope you will consider it. Please come and be cautious.


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Voice of staff

I've trained a lot over the past year or a year and I've been studying a lot, and it's finally a production. I will make delicious strawberries! I am full of excitement and anxiety about whether I can really do it.



Noriyuki Abe / Representative

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冬期 12月1日~6月末まで

   10時 - 16時(火曜休み)

   夏期 7月1日~11月末まで

  10時 - 17時(火曜休・お盆除く) 



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