Strawberry dessert menu 

● Strawberry dessert experience menu ●

Snow Strawberry

100 100% strawberry shaved ice made by strawberry farmers. Recommended for those who want to enjoy strawberry purely ★


Tapioca strawberry milk

Our third most popular menu

Strawberry milk with trendy tapioca.


​Strawberry Smoothie

In the past, it was a reception only for experience,

but in response to everyone's request,

we started making and selling here.

Please enjoy delicious smoothies.


Snow strawberry sundae

A greedy dish with classic ice cream and a special strawberry sauce!


​Strawberry Smoothie

​Experience making your own strawberry smoothie.

It will be an application from two people.

If done skillfully, it will be completed in about 5 minutes!

The smoothies You made are delicious!

500円 / 人​

Hot strawberry milk

We put special strawberry sauce in milk and warmed it.

Please when it's cold!


● Cafe menu ●

Rich blend

​Regular coffee with fragrant and refreshing bitterness.

How about sweet dessert and together?


Cafe au lait

A non-sweet cafe au lait that you can enjoy

the richness of coffee and the taste of milk.

sweet dessert and together?


iced coffee

iced coffee



Voice of staff

I've trained a lot over the past year or a year and I've been studying a lot, and it's finally a production. I will make delicious strawberries! I am full of excitement and anxiety about whether I can really do it.



Noriyuki Abe / Representative

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冬期 12月1日~6月末まで

   10時 - 16時(火曜休み)

   夏期 7月1日~11月末まで

  10時 - 17時(火曜休・お盆除く) 



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